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information system division of Segic Ingéniérie

Information systems consulting : studies, IS consulting, GIS Consulting, Content systems management

Information system has become a key element for private or public companies and its control, an a factor of value increase.

The economic performance demand of a world in perpetual motion, requires continuous search through information systems, in order to improve flow of data, indicators and organizational processes within short deadlines. The diversity and constant evolution of computer technology led decision makers to ask for external expertise, to get an efficient decision making assistance.


15-16/09/2020 - Montpellier

AXES Conseil est présent aux GéoDataDays


14-15/09/2020 - Paris

AXES Conseil était présent au Big Data Paris

GIS software observatory

The purpose of this observatory is to supply a global approach of GIS market

Observatoire des outils SIG

GIS Software are presented in 4 categories :

  • Storage : component for geographic data memorization
  • Software : generic solution for geographic data processing
  • Applications : thematic applications for professional, web or desktop
  • Global GIS solutions : Bundle of GIS tools for various professional usages

Area of expertise


AXES Conseil provides consulting and assistance with contracting and project management at each step of a GIS project

SI Collaboratifs Collaborative web

AXES Conseil advises and assists clients with implementation of standard or customized Content Management Systems

Architecture des SI Technical architecture

AXES Conseil provides assistance to its clients with methodology for diagnosis and information systems evolution

SI Décisionnels Business intelligence

AXES Conseil provides assistance to its clients with methodology for the choice and implementation of business intelligence systems

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